Month: August 2017

Don’t “Should” All Over Yourself!

Maybe our worst self-talk is when we say: I should have…I should be…I shouldn’t do…All about what might have been, what the “perfect me” could have done. ”Shoulda, coulda, woulda: our self-criticizing, morally obliging personal vision of the idealized you. Something you nor I nor anyone can ever be. That self-talk is pure self-destruction: of …

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Stop Setting Goals!

Our vision of the future is blurred, indistinct. This vague and dim picture confuses our brains. The brain looks for patterns, seeks targets, and is biologically motivated to achieve. The more we clarify our vision—our perfect day, our ideal week, our grandest dream—the more our brain becomes like a heat-seeking missile, locked-on in pursuit of …

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