We Solve Sales Problems
For Business Leaders

What do you want?


More sales to new clients to support your growth goals?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your sales force was focused on hunting for new clients-instead of always looking to upsell the base?


Sales at higher margins so you're more profitable?

Growing your revenue sounds good, but if it’s not profitable, it causes more harm than good. Don’t give it away, sell the true value you bring.


More production from everyone on your team?

Sales leaders often have to rely on their top producers to overperform, to help make up for the underperformers.


To develop more affordable sales talent?

We’ve all been burnt by expensive “industry-experienced” sales people who promise the world, and don’t deliver. 

Are you looking to solve an ongoing sales problem or to build a high-performing sales team?

It takes a combination of tools to solve your problems and achieve your sales goals

Do they own it? Do they take complete responsibility for the results? Do they lead by example? 

Are they trainable? Do they accept information about their performance and behavior, learn from it, and change?

Do they work well in a team environment? Do they accept feedback? Do your internal coaches know how to provide internal feedback?

Do they know how to make a sales plan for each account? And focus on the necessary actions to move things along, knowing when to walk away?

Can they do it? Are they learning? Is their attitude what it should be? Are they improving? How’s their attitude? How’s their activities?

Are they trained to produce the results you desire? Are they losing opportunities because they lack the fundamentals?

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Bruce and Dave are collectively the best in class for sales advising and coaching! Whether it was helping the team overcome obstacles from prospects, building confidence or general sales tactics these guys got it all. Bruce and Dave care so much about their clients they will make sure you see the positive ROI with your investment but equally important to value your human capital with all stakeholders in your business. The best business decision you can make is to let them help you grow!

Joey Liner

Digital Media Solutions