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Our Story

Bruce Morrow started Sales Alliances Inc, a sales coaching and training company, in 1993. After running his own business while being coached by Bruce, Dave Hartman joined up with Bruce in 2008. And a new company, myFoodChain was born.

Early on, our focus was to help business leaders accelerate their growth, improve profits, and have an exceptional quality of life. We’re able to do this by helping the leader build a team of “go-to” people, set big, aggressive goals, and solve the strategic business problems that stood in their way. 

As a result, our focus shifted to business coaching where we’d work with the top leader, along with members of the leader and sales teams. When looking at everything that we do and where we add the most value, we concluded that solving sales problems is what we do best. 

We build high-performing sales teams.

We have the unique experience of being top producers, leading top sales teams, running businesses successfully, evaluating, hiring, and developing sales talent. 

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