Empathetic Salesperson?

A salesperson meets a prospect. The prospect asks: What does your company do? The salesperson replies: We’ll get to that. Tell me about you.

Is that empathy? Isn’t the salesperson really saying: What you want doesn’t matter to me, what I want comes first? Most think they’re doing the right thing, trying to make it more personal. They’re simply wrong. 

What’s the proper response to a direct question? A direct answer. Then you ask this question—Did I answer your question? That’s empathy! That shows you care. Sales is about relationships. Empathy nourishes them. 

When you’re asked a question, answer it. Then ask your confirming question to make sure you’ve understood. Then ask another question about them. In sales as in life, empathy rules because caring is a competitive advantage! 

If you know someone who needs help—and you like them—share this message. They should thank you. If they don’t, they lack a key skill for sales and for life…empathy!

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