How We Make Decisions!

Clients ask us how we make decisions, especially when Dave and I disagree. Certainly we talk about it, but we may still be in conflict. And, sometimes, we’re unable to talk in time. 

Here’s how we resolve the dilemma—we ask 3 simple questions relevant to our goals. If the answer to all 3 is Yes, we can do it and either of us can make the decision, without having to discuss it further.

The 3 questions? Is it good for me? Is it good for my team? Is it good for our company? (The company outranks us all and we must do what the company demands).

It’s easy to make selfish decisions and to defend them ad nauseum. It’s harder to make it work for all. However, when it does work for all, we should do it—without consensus and never-ending discussion.

It’s a form of checks and balances that a small business needs. It helps us do our job—our job is to make good decisions. It’s always about achieving goals and how to achieve them even when it seems we’ve encountered insurmountable obstacles. 

How? Step back and ask 3 simple questions. Is it good for me and my goals? Is it good for my team and their goals? Is it good for my company and its goals? If the answers are Yes, you’ll find your direction and you’ll position yourself to make a quality decision.

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