It’s Not About Promises Made!

He was struggling to do his job, and promising to do everything—everything his boss wanted, everything he could, everyday, to improve his performance. Even in the face of contrary evidence, he maintained his position, sounding so sincere. Over and over, he was over-promising.

It’s not about promises made—that’s too easy. It’s about promises kept! That’s harder and important. When you make a promise—to yourself or to others—keep your word. Too many people make empty promises. It’s easy to do, an easy habit to acquire. Think about your reaction when someone over-promises habitually. Next time, do you trust them to keep their word? Don’t we eventually go from He over-promised to He lied to me, again.

We tend to remember others’ promises and tend to forget the promises we’ve made. Change that around: keep track of what you promise and do what you commit to do. Remember: It’s not about promises made. It’s about promises kept. 

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  • Rex Bene says:

    Always on point!

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    Great stuff. I always learn something. More importantly, your organization ensures we put it to practical use. Invaluable!