Just Don’t Be An Asshole!

I don’t care whether you were born rich, poor, or middle; white, black, or red; religious, irreligious, or other; educated, uneducated, or learning. Just don’t be an asshole!

 If you’re not one:

You help rather than hurt.
You’re courteous rather than rude. 
You defend those who are weaker than you. 
You don’t bully people. 
You attend to your hygiene. 
You pick up your trash and an extra helping for those who can’t, won’t, or don’t.
You don’t take yourself so seriously. 
You try hard to be less self-righteous, condescending, and critical. 
You don’t gross out little kids and grandmas.
You get yourself together before you start fixing me. 
You know it’s okay to remind me, but don’t lecture me so often.
You respect other’s opinions, feelings, and rights.
You acknowledge that you could be wrong.
You give your word and keep your promise.
And, if you’re of age and live in the U.S.A.: 
You vote for anyone you choose in every election or you shut your mouth about politics.

I don’t care about your income, your color, your religion, or your education. 

Just don’t be an asshole!

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