My Favorite Sales Questions!

Three of my all-time favorite questions—When? What day? What time?

For example: They say, “I promise to call you.” I ask politely, “When?” They answer, “Next week.” I ask politely, “What day?” They answer, “Tuesday.” I ask politely, “What time?” I confirm the time and ask politely, “You know what’ll happen if you don’t call me, dontcha?” “Yep,” they chuckle, “you’ll call me.” “Right,” I say.

My favorite questions when someone promises me anything: When? What day? What time? And that fourth question may be best of the best. “You know what’ll happen if you don’t call me, dontcha?” There’s accountability for both of us. We’re more likely to follow-through when we know we’re being held to account. 

The moral of the story? Ask better questions, get better answers. Why? To dramatically improve your results!

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