Sales Made Simple!

Real world training...
because you sell in the real world.

Great salespeople are trained…not born.

A common misconception is to think we’re born to be in sales or we’re not. Wrong! Sales skills, like any other skill, are developed over time through training and experience.

The #1 reason salespeople underperform is because they’re not trained properly and gain too much of the wrong experience.

If you’ve got guts and you’re trainable, you have the core ingredients to become exceptional in sales. The missing piece is training. The training you need is real-world training because you sell in the real-world.

You can’t afford to learn the theory alone. You need the real-world stuff that works. That’s why we created Sales Made Simple!

This course gives you the tools you need to be a true selling success, to be exceptional in sales. Sales Made Simple! is fun, simple, and easy to start. You’ll get results as soon as you begin working the simple system.

Here’s what you get:

Sales Made Simple! is an online course which provides you:

—the tools and techniques for you to make more sales, more often!

—over 7 hours of video training to teach you what you need to know to achieve exceptional sales success.

—a simple selling system that’s repeatable and rewards you for using it.

We keep it seriously simple.
You’ll achieve more in less time.
Without the BS and hyperbole that you normally hear.
For a ridiculously reasonable price.

Sales Made Simple! includes:

1. The art of FoodChain Management: How to utilize your existing relationships to sell ethically, to people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, just because they know you and like you. Sales is all about relationships.

2. The simple steps to produce the Ultimate Sales Call. A selling system that guarantees sales results! It’s simple, it’s repeatable, it’s learnable!

3. Everything you need to know to become a better negotiator. A power negotiator! How to prepare. How to uncover needs. How to overcome objections that stand in your way of making your sale.

You can’t lose because you already have the basics: you’ve got the guts and you’re trainable.

The only thing missing is Sales Made Simple!

Why don’t you give it a try?

Course Highlights


The Power Negotiator

  • Start right
  • Be willing to walk
  • Grimace!
  • Only 4!
  • You’re as free as your options
  • My favorite question

People Sell To People,
People Buy From People

  • The key
  • Show me the numbers
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it
  • What PPP?
  • Life is a networking event
  • Pareto
  • Quantity leads to quality on when…

Effective Communication 2016

  • Ethical Persuasion
  • Ask better questions, get better answers
  • ASSUME? no way
  • Dominate the listening
  • Pausing, long and short
  • Who controls the meeting?
  • July 38, 1955

The Ultimate Sales Call!

  • Before
  • The Relationship begins
  • TPAL/10PIN
  • Start on time, end on time
  • The 4 Qualifiers
  • The 4 Questions
  • After

Yeah but in The Real World

  • Learn from “real world” examples

Sales Made Simple!

Selling in the real world special offer!
$ 595
one-time payment

Don't take our word, here's what others have to say...

"myFoodChain helps me maintain focus on my goals, give me perspective on life/business issues that are too close for my own objectivity, and pushes me to be better."
CEO at Tag Strategies
"They help me to identify---and put on paper—what matters most and what my goals are in business, with family, and personally. They provide simple ways to measure progress, hold me accountable, and help me to attain what I want."
Fernando Borghese
President & COO at Digital Media Solutions
"myFoodChain has allowed me to be more effective in ALL of my relationships. My time with Bruce and Dave has me more focused on my true goals and the appropriate steps required to achieve them."
Matt Smith
President at AOS Digital
"I want to thank you again. I am proud to have you high on my FoodChain and appreciate your candor and the personal impact you have made as my coach and mentor."
Stephen Benson

Sales Made Simple!

Selling in the real world special offer!
$ 595
one-time payment