Step Up to The Sale

Recently Bruce was a featured guest on the podcast ShareableIn case you’re not familiar, this podcast, here’s a little more background: 
Welcome to Shareable, the Podcast about the impact that people and technology have on our lives and careers. If you’re the type of person that aspires to be more successful in life, by listening to the wisdom of successful people, then this show is for you. 
I’m Jeff Gibbard, the host of The Shareable Podcast, and I created this podcast because I am fascinated by technology and how it impacts our behaviors, our buying habits, our careers, our relationships…everything.
 Listen here:


(5:50) – What’s one thing most people get wrong in sales?

(7:06) – How can you be a better listener?

(9:09) – What’s one of the challenges a young salesperson might face?

(12:45) – What are some of the questions you ask yourself when trying to find your perfect prospect?

(16:39) – How do you find people you want to do business with?

(23:09) – How do you start a cold call? What do you say?

(32:02) – How do you assess a prospect’s committment level?