The Power of Discomfort!

I made a suggestion to a client this week who responded: I’m just not comfortable doing that. I replied: I get it. Do it anyway, it’s the necessary action to achieve what you want. As you do it, you’ll get more comfortable with it.

We all desire personal growth. To grow means we must change. We’ve also discovered, change is uncomfortable. We even refer to it as growing pains. It’s true: to develop, we must leave our comfort zone and that’s easier talked about than accomplished. We’ve heard it, we’ve said it, we’ve experienced it: No pain, no gain!

Change creates conflict, conflict is uncomfortable, and that discomfort sometimes makes us quit. But change is an essential component for growth. How can you expect to improve if you keep doing what you’ve been doing? Improvement comes by change, not by chance. And that’s the power of discomfort! 

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