We’re All in Sales…

Did you know this?

One of nine workers in the USA is in direct sales.

The other 8 are “non-sales” sellers who use persuasion to move others to give up something they’ve got for something we’ve got.

According to Gallup, 40% of our work time is used persuading, influencing, and convincing others to move.*

They’re not selling products or services; they’re trying to convince someone to move, to trade, to expend resources; to give time, attention, and energy to them.

We’re humans living in a human world. Cooperation and consideration are necessary…to do our job, to live our life, to achieve our goals. We must give people what they need so we can get what we want. 

Getting people to consider your idea, getting them to take action—to change—is selling. For them to consider you, you must consider them first. You need to find out what they really need.

It’s a human-to-human transaction. People sell to people. People buy from people. And it’s based on trust and credibility.

No matter if your title is salesperson or business owner; if by trade you’re an engineer, lawyer or designer, people are buying into you…maybe. They’re buying into what you have to say…maybe.

If you want to convince me to move—to give you my time, my attention, my energy, a chunk of my life—learn how to sell me.

We’re all in sales. You have not convinced me merely because I listen. Or because you’ve silenced me. You’ve convinced me when I follow you. That’s called a sale. But you knew that, didn’t you?

* from To Sell Is Human, by Dan Pink

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  • Rex Bene says:

    Daniel Pink is correct! Furthermore these transactions extend beyond the workplace and exist daily with our families. Spouse to spouse, parent to child, child to parent, and child to sibling. These skills are developed minute to minute – “to sell is human”!