What Does That Mean?

Here’s my favorite question right now—What does that mean? I ask myself, I ask my sons, I ask my clients. Most statements we make are vaguely general. Same old lines, blah, blah, blah; automatic, uninspiring, boring.

I need to get healthy. What does that mean? I want to hire better people. What does that mean? I dream of financial independence. What doe that mean? The question demands that we answer. Our answers clear a path to action. We go from sleep-inducing to fire-starting to life-changing.

When I say things that have no life—no ability to get me heated-up, have no oomph—I’m the proverbial potato on the couch. When I define what I want and can see it come alive in my mind—I’m fired-up, shorts-a-jumpin’—and inclined to do something about it.

And how do I get there? I ask my favorite question—What does that mean?

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