What Does That Mean?

Here’s my favorite question—What does that mean? I ask myself, my family, my clients. Most of what we say is vaguely general, demotivating, and repetitive. Same old theme, blah, blah, blah: automatic, uninspiring, and boring. 

I need to get healthy. What does that mean? I want to hire better people. What does that mean? I dream of financial independence. What does that mean?  This question demands that you answer. Your answers will cause you to act (or let you know you’re not serious!). 

When we get specific answers, giving ourselves clarity and direction, we graduate from sleep-walk to fire-walk! When I say something that has no life—no ability to get me heated-up, has no motivating power—I’m the proverbial potato on a couch: robotic, uninspired, and bored.

When I define what I want, can see it and feel it—I get fired-up, shorts-a-jumpin’—I’m ready to do something about it! And how do I get started? I ask my favorite question—What does that mean?

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