You’re On A Mission!

To create a mission statement, you must first make choices: about what you want to achieve, about who you will become, and how you will be known. As you think, talk, and write about it, you begin to understand what you truly want. You clarify your vaguely-general beginnings. You express what you really meant when you started. It’s the necessary-messy creative process.

When you’ve chosen your mission in life, when you’ve written it down to help you clarify it, you’ve created your Mission Statement. You’ve defined your special duty, your target for life, your purpose for being. Self-created, self-directed, and self-assigned, it clarifies your values, your goals, and your choices. It’s what gets you up in the morning. And what lets you sleep at night.

I wrote this Mission Statement in 1995:

My mission is: to help my family, my friends, my clients, my associates, and people in general achieve their overarching goals—achieve what’s most important to them. I do this by discovering what’s most important to them; by studying the best, most current information to help them achieve what’s most important to them, and by sharing that information in a way that helps them achieve their overarching goals—what’s most important to them—more easily and more enjoyably. We relate with trust, respect and caring.

I chose my purpose, defined my specialty, mapped my direction. I decided who I was and what I would be. It’s not as concise as if I’d written it today. There’s too much dramatic repetition. On reflection, though, I’m happy with it. It’s worked for me and continues to do so. It keeps me focused on my special duty. It continues to serve me well to do what I set out to—to help my FoodChain achieve their overarching goals.

When you create your Mission Statement, you’re determining who, and what, you’ll be. You begin to live a life of purpose, on purpose. How do you know if you’ve completed your mission? If you ain’t dead, you ain’t done…you’re on a Mission!

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